roller blinds

Among all the sun-screening systems, the roller blinds systems are the easiest-to-control, they are notable for a noiseless, accurate and smooth motion. Their bright lines ideally fit into the modern architecture and design. A wide line of fabrics is provided from transparent to complete obscuring ones. Roller blinds systems are reliable and functional; it is possible to install systems of different sizes and options both for residential units and for facilities.

Blinds & Shades

Horizontal,vertical and wooden blinds are a simple and modest but splendid window decoration. They are notable for the simplicity and reliability. blinds afford excellent opportunity of light and shadow distribution and afford rich and various opportunities for the window covering. They ideally fit for the installation at confined window apertures, including at the frame, tightly to the glass surface. Vertical, Horizontal y Wooden blinds are the best systems of luminance control. They perfectly fit also to be used “from floor to ceiling”, and for small systems, and to be erected into an aperture. Systems can be curly as well as be applied for slanting windows. An easy and comfortable control is made by only one chain or handle. It is possible to control it from an electromotor. Application fields: residential units and facilities.

sliding panels

Sliding Panels are a superior combination of technique and simultaneously modern design, affording a beautiful opportunity of the usage in rooms with wide and large stained glass. Multi-channel profiles afford the opportunity of various arrangement of fabric panels. With both modest and snazzy fabrics, they ideally fit into the design of premises. Due to simple and bright lines, panel blinds create from both premise sides an inimitable atmosphere and can be ideally used for space separation. Panels are easily installed and removed.

Skylight systems

Skylight systems afford the efficient protection from glaring direct sunlight and serve for the heat insulation of premises. With the help of these systems, winter gardens, glass roofs and other glass surfaces of large sizes can be easily protected against sunlight. Skylight systems guarantee an easy control and are applied for the installation at ceiling slanting and horizontal surfaces. They are controlled automatically and mechanically.

tracks & poles

Decorative poles ideally fit into elegant interior or bratteries. A cornice can contain different gorgeous figurines, toys, various elements which highlight the general style of your interior. Decorative poles can be made of wood, plastic, steel or iron. They are often lined with various metals: brass, copper, aluminum, nickel, chrome. They are controlled automatically and mechanically.

electric systems

Electric track systems are the unique creation of human hands. With the help of such devices, it is possible to control blinds remotely, open or close them. The adjustment allows the usage of various options, keep a room in a slight obscureness or only permit a full access of sunlight. The control is made by consoles and special buttons which are wall-mounted as well as with the help of a mobile phone or tablet with the provided special application. Technologies allow including the automatic mode “weather” which will independently hide the room against bright light. They are integrated in the Smart House system.