Roman blinds by Silent GlissRoman blinds by Silent Gliss

Roman blinds

Horizontal,vertical and wooden blinds are a simple and modest but splendid window decoration. They are notable for the simplicity and reliability. blinds afford excellent opportunity of light and shadow distribution and afford rich and various opportunities for the window covering. They ideally fit for the installation at confined window apertures, including at the frame, tightly to the glass surface. Vertical, Horizontal y Wooden blinds are the best systems of luminance control. They perfectly fit also to be used “from floor to ceiling”, and for small systems, and to be erected into an aperture. Systems can be curly as well as be applied for slanting windows.

Control options

An easy and comfortable control is made by only one chain or handle. It is possible to control it from an electromotor. Application fields: residential units and facilities.


up to 6 m


up to 6 m

Child safety system


Wide range of colours and materials