Our managing director Svetlana Dimitrova with interview for ENGLISH HOME & LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE.


Cutting-Edge Window Dressings and Automated Systems

Interview with Managing Director Svetlana Dimitrova

How has Arte del Lusso showroom evolved since opening a few years ago?

The Arte del Lusso brand has evolved beyond curtains and blinds - the main products in our portfolio. We have also launched Style Expert Services, providing our customers with advanced information about the newest trends in windows dressings and high-quality blinds and shades, offering exclusive window decoration solutions for every taste and budget. Our main goal is to meet the customers’ needs for a beautiful, modern and functional product that is cost-effective and to exceed their quality expectations. To keep with  the constant changes in the market the company has involved in two directions: contract projects and direct sales. Today, a few years after we started the business, we are the biggest provider of customized blinds, shades, contract fabrics and window dressing solutions on the Coast.

Have you noticed any significant changes in the style of curtains and blinds? What are the most popular trends this year?

Window treatment trends change every year. Geographic location, culture, architectural characteristics and specific features of the area (like climate conditions) are some of the factors that influence different aspects of window decoration trends. Our main task is to take into account the facts that apply to our region: strong sunlight, humidity, big panoramic windows, the need of powerful sun and solar protection and blackout, and to advice our customers accordingly to make the best choice of products, systems and materials. 
As for the main trends of 2019 ...
  • 1. Roman and roller shades. Clean and simple is one of the biggest trends in window treatments. Roman shades are classic and have clean lines for modern interior. The choice to use shades as your primary window treatment is really popular right now, especially shades made of natural woven fibers, such as bamboo. 
  • 2. Metal hardware is another popular trend. 
  • 3. Technology is now something to consider with your window treatments. High-tech touches with home automation and motorization are on the rise because of their convenience and safety. Cordless blinds and shades are quickly becoming very popular from a safety point of view (cords are not save for kids and pets), as well  as organic and textural elements like woven blinds. 
  • 4. Neutral linen drapes and sheers are timeless.
  • 5. Functionality is an important consideration. 
  • 6. A combination of window treatments to achieve the perfect look. 

What are the main kinds of projects you carry out?

The main projects are installation of motorized and automated systems, electric roller blinds, as well as full window decoration for apartment and residential properties.  Also, we carry out numerous contracts projects for renting out properties and refurbished houses and apartments. 

Tell us more about the motorized systems you offer. 

All types of shades, curtains and blinds we provide on the market can be motorized. We use the most popular and recognized international brands of motors, with a minimum five year warranty.  These intelligent motors have many functions, the opportunity of programming them, an elegant equipment interface and easy client use. We are able to program settings tailored specifically to the client’s needs. We can, for example, operate 20-30 blinds with one button, and programming a client’s favorite position for all of their blinds. This save lots of time and make their use extremely smart. The brands we work with provide strong European technical support, and that gives us the opportunity to resolve any kinds of problem very quickly.  
Our main brands are Somfy, Mottura Elero and Qmotion. They can be successfully integrated into any type of smart home system and can be set, for example, to open and close at sunrise and sunset. 
Very popular at the moment are our battery-operated blinds, which work without electricity. Clients can recharge them like a mobile phone, once every six to eight months. 

What clients need to know before choosing the most appropriate window decoration?

First, a client needs to understand what is the function and main task of the window solution by identifying if it is for sun protection, black-out, a decorative feature, or for all three.  Secondly, defying what  kinds of product is necessary to resolve the problem: blinds, shades, sheers or curtains. Thirdly, choosing the materials, technical characteristics (like transparency, sunlight and heat absorption, frame retardation, humidity, cleaning), color options and system operations - cord, electric or manual.