10 ways to keep your windows ‘on trend’ in 2018

If you’re considering refreshing to the look appearance of your living space by updating your window treatments, here are 10 ways you can achieve it and ensure that you’re fashionably up-to-date.

Jewel tones

Fabrics in rich jewel tones that can range from rich ruby to deep sapphire are in vogue. Designer Jennifer Duneier recommends using amethyst or turquoise offset by soft metallic accessories in platinum or brushed nickel.

Go electric

Electric blinds are effortless in every sense. At the touch of a button they can change the light effects in the room and are particularly useful in summer when the sun moves from room to room.

Let more light in

Use panels of sheer fabrics to add warmth and let more light in. In the past white and cream used to be the only colours available, but now they come in an array of colours and with patterns as well.

Chic trimmings

Consider embellishing your window drapes with an imaginative trim, such as Murano glass beads. Tapes with shells or buttons are another popular way of jazzing up the look of your existing decorations.

Go natural

Anything eco-friendly or inspired by nature is very now. Blinds made from bamboo and woven shades layered with sheer linen panels are sophisticated and earthy.

Layer your shades

Layering blinds is another concept that is perfect for a sunny climate. One idea is to have a blackout blind with a sheer blind in front of it. This is perfect for adjusting the amount of light coming in as well as creating a colour contrast.

More metallics

Metallics continue to be fashionable and layering silver, gold or bronze metallic fabric with a sheer fabric is the perfect solution for bedrooms and living areas. Designer Lori Gilder says, “The simple layering of these metallics draped from a classic metal rod blends beautifully with the latest colour trends."

Mellow yellow

When you want to brighten up a room for summer, look to the colour of the sun and choose drapes in a shade of yellow. There are so many shades to choose from: from the subtle and light to the dramatic and powerful.

Creative patterns

Instead of selecting a solid fabric for your windows, look for one with creative patterns. If you are wondering what to select, the current trend is for large-scale, geometric patterns that deliver drama.

Stay neutral

We started out with jewel tones, but if you find those a bit too bold, charcoal and slate are the new neutrals. The fashion for metallic accessories blends very well with these colours and they add effortless chic to your home.

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