Pantone Colour Trends for Autumn 2016

The Pantone Color Institute is ‘THE’ world leader in colour trends and it is rare these days to find an interior designer, or anyone working in design of any kind who doesn’t pay close attention to Pantone’s colour palettes and predictions. Now that autumn is with us, even though in southern Spain it still looks like summer thanks to the bright light during the day, it is time to consider changes within the home that reflect the shorter days and the changes in the tone of sunlight.


Pantone recently announced its palette for Autumn 2016/2017 and characterise it as “A unity of strength, confidence and complexity.”  Leatrice Eiseman, a director at Pantone introduced the latest colour trend report saying: “ The Autumn 2016 palette is inspired by a desire for peace, strength and optimism, and it is dominated by the ‘Blue’ family.” The range of blues is complemented with a selection of lush and vibrant earth tones. Overall, the seasonal palette consists of 10 vibrant colours: the blue represents the sky that is ever present above us; grey provides a sense of balance and the red suggests warmth and energy. The pinkish purple adds a touch of exotic spice, as does the mustard yellow.

According to Pantone: “For Autumn/Winter 2016/17, we explore colour that is “real” and “unreal”, absent and present and a mixology of what is in between. We are polarized between colours that are simple, honest and unassuming and stronger, more saturated tones that make a bold statement. Then there is the middle ground, where a third platform of colour connects and bridges our desire to be sober or intoxicated, quiet or loud, or both at the same time.” 

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Interior Trend consultant, Gudy Herder at explains how some of Pantone's Color Palette trends translate into real life, especially into fabric design, which is just as important to the luxury curtain sector, as it is to the fashion industry. Take ‘Fade’ for example, which Gudy describes as a form of colour diffusion in which softness reigns with misty, pearlised images as well as layers of colour that fade into each other. The eight colours that make up the ‘Fade’ palette are soft caramels, cream, pale, dusky pinks and apricot with a sage-like green. The ‘Invisible’ palette is a delicate, ethereal range of tones that suggest a ghostly ability to “appear and disappear like an apparition.” Fabrics using this palette are typically monochrome, and many have satinised or shiny finishes, which have proved very popular throughout 2016.


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It is true, as Spanish blog El Pais de Sarah says, that some of the colours in the Pantone trends for autumn may seem surprising for the season’s weather, but Sarah also says that the “key to using these colours is to use them in a way that creates a comfortable, warm and personal space.”  El País de Sarah provides some inspiring examples of how a key colour can be used in the home, with tones that harmonise and those that provide colour contrast. It isn’t easy to use a deep green like Pantone’s Lush Meadow in the home, but Sarah provides some very exciting ideas.


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