Snake Wave brings a revolution to curtain lovers!


Do you love curtains, but find the traditional tracks with tapes and metres of fabric and fullness a bit off putting? Arte de Lusso in San Pedro has a new system from Silent Gliss that will transform the appearance of your windows and create a ‘silent’ environment.

Snake Wave is a new track system that lives up to the Silent Gliss name. Curtains slither silently along the curved tracks in a smooth and even motion. No more pulling the curtains when they seem to get stuck, as they often do. Added to this, you can also use a Snake Wave track to create a room divider, or an interior design statement feature that turns an ordinary room into an outstanding one.

With Snake Wave we guarantee that your curtains will open and close without any sound. As a leading firm, Silent Gliss is always pursuing perfection, which is why it is the global market leader in curved curtain tracks. By combining its unique bending technology with captivating, precision-sewn fabrics, its product ensures your window dressings deliver an outstanding look to your beautifully designed interior.


How does Snake Wave work?
The tracks are evenly bent into curves and this ensures that the curtain fabric falls in sinuous waves. Silent Gliss has combined the ultimate in Swiss precision sewing and precision engineering, which the country is famous for, to deliver a product that will enhance your home.


Versatile and award winning
The Snake Wave system also comes with in-built versatility. There are three track products to choose from, plus over 20 original Silent Gliss fabrics that have been made exclusively for this revolutionary track system. And, the Snake Wave system can be used regardless of the size of rooms or windows.

You know it must be good when a firm wins awards for its products. Silent Gliss’s Snake Wave won the ‘Best of the Best’ at the Iconic Awards in 2016 and awarded first prize by the independent jury at the German Design Council.

Visit the Arte de Lusso showroom in San Pedro de Alcántara and see the Snake Wave for yourself. It will transform your curtain experience forever.